Paignton (Palace Avenue) Methodist Church

Palace Avenue, Paignton, Devon, United Kingdom

Something To Sing About: The Story of Methodism in Paignton in the Wesleyan Tradition

The following pages contain the text of a book written by Sylvia Tancock, a member of Paignton (Palace Avenue) Methodist Church, a Paigntonian born and bred, and proud of it!

Paignton is a seaside resort lying in the heart of Torbay, Devon. Palace Avenue Methodist Church lies in the heart of Paignton

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The author would like to thank all those, both within and outside the Church community who have assisted in piecing together this story; for those who answered her questions with patience and forbearance; for the interest they have shown; and for the generous loan of photographs by Mesdames Edith Couldrey, Marion Ham, Lily Hurrell, Prue Pearse, Amy Southgate and Barbara Sutton, Dr Nan Kennie, Misses Mollie Brooks and Olive Stidworthy, Messrs John Jeffery, Maurice Phillips and Peter Tully.


In one of his hymns, Charles Wesley wrote 'My talents, gifts and graces, Lord, into Thy blessed hands receive'; Hymns and Psalms Number 767, verse 3. 'Something to Sing About' is the story of a people of God who made that commitment of their talents and abilities in faith. They had been blessed with a vision of a work to be done, and set about doing it with devotion and loyalty. As you will read, the work and witness was not without difficult moments - but the determination of God's people to ensure the witness to His love in the centre of Paignton, was unwavering.

Many who read this history will recall the 'Saints' who are in glory - we pay a lasting tribute to their steadfast loyalty. Many too, will go back in their minds eye and will be serving teas, enjoying Sunday School Outings, listening to the great orators as they proclaimed the message of God's redeeming love. Enjoy the moments of reflection and praise God for all that is past. Indeed, this we can do through Sylvia's history of her Church.

Yes, friends of Palace Avenue, we are indebted to Sylvia Tancock for her painstaking research. She has approached the book in her usual methodical and meticulous way - as a true Methodist would! We thank her for giving us the picture of a people of faith - serving their Lord.

However, the history of Palace Avenue does not end on the last page of the book. We who worship and work there now know we are writing tomorrow's history. As we rejoice in all that has been done to God's glory through his people called Methodists in the Palace Avenue Society, so we pledge ourselves to continuously give of our talents, gifts and graces -with the earnest prayer that the love of God will continue to be known through His people as they worship and work in the Church by the gardens.

I commend 'Something to Sing About' to you as a tribute to the 100 years of Methodist Witness in the centre of Paignton. May this book warm your heart and encourage your faith.

Copyright © Sylvia Tancock 1990 (Reproduced here with the permission of the Author)
If you wish to use any of the material please contact us first to obtain permission.

Something To Sing About

The Story of Methodism in Paignton in the Wesleyan Tradition

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